Money Hackers Carnival #52 @ OMB!

Hey gang. I am hosting this week's Money Hacker's Carnival!

No cutsie themes this week -- just pure, unadulterated good personal finance advice coming at ya! Enjoy the myriad of posts...

Pinyo (our fearless leader) presents Share Your Favorite Financial Websites and Win $50 posted at Moolanomy

Lance Cooper presents Obama?s Stimulus Plan Is A Complete Joke posted at Recession Thoughts

Carrie presents ING Sub-accounts for Travel and Auto posted at Less is More

Tyler Metzger presents Exploiting history with a debit card posted at Taking Charge

Peter presents Pay off all debt using the Debt Snowball posted at Bible Money Matters

Chris Holdheide presents 8 Ways To Know You Are Trying To Get Out Of Debt Like A Poor Person posted at

Abigail Perry presents Never-never (save) land posted at i pick up pennies

J. Maloney presents Gold Investing Chihuaha Investing posted at Gold Investing

Save Money presents Frugal Frauds Revealed posted at How I Save

FIRE Finance presents What Should We Do If Our Mutual Fund Goes Belly Up? posted at FIRE Finance

The Shark Investor presents Strategies For Raising Funds: Borrow Your Way To Wealth posted at The Shark Investor

Tom presents Marriage should be treated like business posted at Tomasz Gorecki

Monitor Bank Rates presents Health Savings Account as a Retirement Account? posted at

KCLau presents Money Tips Group Writing Project posted at KCLau's Money Tips

theparttimelife presents libraryflix queue posted at the part-time life

Northern Cheapskate presents There's No Such Thing as Recession-Proof posted at Northern Cheapskate

FFB presents Paying Back The Economic Stimulus Payment - Lots Of Tax Confusion posted at Free From Broke

Patrick @ Military Money presents What to Do About a Lost or Stolen Stimulus Check posted at Military Finance Network

Patrick @ Money Saving Deals presents GoDaddy Coupon Codes posted at Money Saving Deals

Patrick @ Cash Money Life presents $25 Sign-up Bonus from Lending Club posted at Cash Money Life

Raj Patel presents Automatic Bill Payers Beware of Credit Card Issuers posted at DebtGoal

David presents Capital One No Hassle Miles Rewards Credit Card Review posted at Credit Card Offers IQ

David presents Stupid Advice from a Payday Lender Courtesy of Google News posted at Payday Loans Review

DR presents Why Some Online Credit Card Applications Say ‘Hurry Up And Wait’ posted at The Dough Roller

PFR presents Provident Bank Checking Account $123 Bonus posted at Personal Finance Reviews

Nesher presents Free trade recorder and equity curve money management system posted at Internet Stock Trading for Beginners

Dana presents Ways to Save on Your Water Bill posted at Not Made Of Money

Sun presents Stamps for First Class Mail to Increase to 44 Cents in May posted at Earn More Invest Wisely at The Sun's Financial Diary

Dan presents Deal of a Lifetime in Muni Bond Investments? posted at Darwin's Finance

DJ presents How to Feed a Family on a Budget posted at The Family Wallet

kathryn presents #1 Way to Save Big Bucks posted at Out of Debt - Christian Finances and Debt Help

Shaun Connell presents Introduction to Online Savings Accounts posted at Financial Advice

Miss M presents Deliverance from Debt: A Plan of Attack posted at M is for Money

Madison presents Midwestern Disaster Area Tax Impacts posted at Tax Gab

Madison presents American Express $100 Gift Card posted at My Dollar Plan

VC presents What To Look For When Investing In A Company posted at The Penny Daily

The Smarter Wallet presents A Stock Trading System For Shorting Stocks: How To Short Estee Lauder posted at The Smarter Wallet

BankMan presents Is Online Banking Safe? posted at High Yield Savings Accounts

nickel presents MyFICO ScoreWatch: Free Access to Your FICO Credit Score posted at

PT presents 5 Rules of Spring Training (for Your Finances) posted at Prime Time Money

CreditAddict presents What to Do if Your Credit Card or Wallet is Stolen posted at Credit Card Addict

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Free Stock Charting Tool To Check Stocks, Chart Market Trends posted at The Digerati Life

Isaac Yassar presents Why You Should Never Join MLM posted at Isaac Yassar's Overture

glblguy presents 7 Simple Ways to Start Improving Your Life posted at Gather Little by Little

vh presents Do no-buy days work? posted at Funny about Money

apply4-credit presents What Exactly Does Pre-Approved Mean for You? posted at presents To Close or Not to Close The Secured Credit Card Account posted at

Jeff Rose presents Identity Theft - Capital One saved Me! posted at Papa Boomer

Mr Credit Card presents Secured Credit Cards - What are they? posted at Ask Mr Credit Card's Blog

ChristianPF presents 10 tips for surviving a layoff posted at Christian Personal Finance Blog

Deposit Accounts presents Stimulating $400 Per-Worker Tax Credit for 2009 and 2010 posted at Deposit Accounts

Retirehappy presents Should I Sell Everything? posted at My Retirement Blog

Mr. Banker presents High Interest Money Market Accounts (MMA) posted at Best Interest Rate Banks

The Investor presents Why a little passive income from a side project is worth a lot more than you think posted at Monevator

Raily Arena presents Finding Online Work That Pays posted at Make Money Easy Online

Jeff Rose presents Why Avoid Bankruptcy? posted at Good Financial Cents

Aryn presents 50 Ways to Cut Your Spending/Expenses by 10% posted at Sound Money Matters

Todd presents Gold Gold Gold. Is it really a good inflation hedge? posted at HarvestingDollars

korprit presents Beginner Stock Market Investing - Put in the work, and reap the rewards posted at Stock Market For Beginners Investing

Chris presents Layoffs 2009: Tracking the Damage posted at Financial Reflections

J. Money presents Budgeting In Style: Exploring the Envelope Method! posted at Budgets are Sexy.

Tushar Mathur presents Investment expert offers 10 tips for surviving the recession posted at Everything Finance

LAL presents Home Mistake posted at LivingAlmostLarge

FMF presents A Creative Use for Dollar Coins posted at Free Money Finance

jim presents Don’t Buy Suze Orman FICO Kit Platinum (Yet) posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity

Investing School presents 30 Components of The Dow Jones Industrial Average Index posted at Investing School

Roshawn Watson presents Lame Defense for $18.4 Billion in Wall Street Bonuses posted at Watson Inc

Peter presents Money Free World posted at we overstep

Josanne Anthony presents Money I'm Entitled To Throw Away posted at Brilliant Babblings

Wenchypoo presents Updated for 2008 Taxes: Turning a $57,000 Salary into a Zero Tax Liability posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket

D4L presents Do As I Say, Not As I Do posted at Dividends Value

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Only Peons Have To Pay Taxes posted at Mad Kane's Political Madness

MBB presents TurboTax vs. TaxCut - Best 2009 Tax Software posted at Money Blue Book Finance

Matthew Paulson presents How to Make Sure that Your Savings is FDIC Insured. posted at Fine-Tuned Finances

Finance Tips 101 presents Alarming Identity Theft Statistics Are Cause For Concern posted at Finance Tips 101

MoneyNing presents First National Bank Omaha FNBO Direct Review posted at Personal Finance Blog by Money Ning

Joshua Lee presents What Will The Recession Do To The Blogging Community? posted at The Brainy Money Blog

Beef Up Your Piggy presents Stick To The List posted at Beef Up Your Piggy

cobra presents Who is Qualified for COBRA? posted at Understand COBRA

Brooke presents Super-Saver Mode posted at Dollar Frugal

Raily Arena presents Why Making Money Online is NOT so Easy posted at Make Money Easy Online

Raily Arena presents How to Sell Your Own Home during Economic Recession posted at How to Sell Your Own Home

Jared Maloney presents Fad: Law School posted at Fade That Fad

That's it for this weeks Money Hackers Carnival... Thanks for all the submissions!
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OMB! Poll Results: How Did Your Portfolio Do In 2008?

The most recent OMB! poll results are in and they were as I suspected: death and destruction in 2008!

15 people responded to the poll and the results are as follows:

Like me, a whopping 80% of you were down by 20% or more and only a 13% of you were up in 2008. Let's raise a glass and pray for a better 2009!!!

If you missed the poll, please comment below and tell me how you did!
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Compare Credit Cards at Credit Land

The economy is tough right now and ensuring that you have access to credit for emergency purposes is an important topic.

It's also important to ensure that you have the right card for your needs. Whether you want cash back (which I wholeheartedly recommend here: Cash Back Credit Cards vs. Points/Rewards Credit Cards), a low rate, reward points, flexible payments, or to support a good cause, it's always important to do your research.

By the way, if you are looking for a good cash back credit card check out this post: The Best Cash Back Credit Card: Chase Freedom.

One of the best ways to evaluate which credit card is best for your is via a credit card comparison website. One site that recently reached out to me is Credit Land. If your credit record is perfect, then cards are usually easy to get, but if you only have fair credit, then they have section on their website that is devoted just for you. Check it out and tell me what you think.

Have you come accross a better credit card comparison site? If so, please comment below and tell me what you recommend. Thanks!
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OMB! Shopping Tip:

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