The Frugal Father-In-Law: The Driveway

I've decided to add a new element my blog inspired by my father in law. He's managed to take frugality to the next level - to the stratosphere I would say.

Each week or month I'll provide a tip or two for all those masterful-money-misers out there that I've learned from watching him.

The Driveway

So my father in law lives by the water and loves to go clamming, oystering and muscling (pretty sure those aren't all words). He's managed to use this passion to save money in multiple ways, my favorite of which is the driveway...

1. Don't pay for the seafood, go catch it!

2. Freeze what don't finish so you have seafood for the winter!

3. Finally, use the shells from the shell fish to make a unique and environmentally friendly driveway.

Yes, he actually uses crushed shells for his driveway. It's actually pretty cool looking. He eats the clams, etc. and says: "Make sure you toss those in the driveway!" No tar, or resealing to worry about just eat and toss.

The Frugal Father-In-Law strikes again...

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Anonymous said...

:D That was an entertaining read, but I'm afraid hes not saving anything by putting pot directly on the stove burner. That's a pretty stupid idea actually.

"Patrick Bateman" said...

Agreed actually. In fact the temperature at that distance is probably lower then when it's sitting on the grill. That said, it's interesting how far people will go to save a buck!

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