Need Help Setting Goals? Don Corleone Says: Make Yourself an Offer You Can’t Refuse

Many of you may be struggling with achieving a desired goal, whether that be paying down debt, saving more, or other non-financial related items such as losing weight.

Well there is now a website offering a unique service that provides OMB fans with a unique approach to achieving your goals (and it’s FREE!).

The website is called (the extra ‘k’ is for slang for ‘contract’). The premise of the site is fairly simple:

1. Set a goal
2. Define the penalty if that goal is not met
3. Now write the contract!

It all started when Dean Karlin, a graduate of both MIT and Yale Universities (dumb ass, right?) wrote a contract with his MIT buddy which indicated that which ever one of them did not lose 40 lbs within six months would give the other one half of their annual salary! In fact, one of them actually paid the other $15,000 for a partial loss…

Taking the leap to, a user writes an actual legal contract to achieve their goal of say, not eating the Burger King Baconator every day for lunch, and can create a “good” penalty of having to give money to your favorite charity or allowing your spouse to buy a new pair of shoes, or a “bad” penalty such as having to give money to the Republicans if they are Democrats, or to Ralph Nader, if they are Republican.

In my case, I think I would hate to give money to some skinhead Nazi’s - not much is worse then Nazi’s in my book. That’s why Indiana Jones is always fighting them.

So take a look and give it a try if you think you really need that extra kick in the pants to get the job done.

PS - I must give an appreciative nod to Daniel Akst (please don’t sue me for copyright infringement!) who wrote a great article in “The American” magazine about this subject (I did ‘borrow’ the Don Corleone reference though - for a movie fan, this was too good to pass up).

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